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RPA Developer - Custom Activity Training is a Program

RPA Developer - Custom Activity Training


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Full program description

RPA Developer - Custom Activity Training

Course Overview

While UiPath RPA has a low-code approach where visual programming is used to code the logic for the bot, there are many instances where coding is still required. This is especially true if the developer requires an activity that is currently not available in the UiPath ecosystem, which includes activities that interact with proprietary or custom-made systems. Here, the developer will need to be able to code in a .NET language and compile a library that can be read by UiPath for the creation of a custom Activity. This skill I important for any RPA developer who looks to advance their skill in system integration with RPA.

Who Should Attend

RPA Developers or Citizen Developers who would like to deepen their skills by creating custom activities.

Course Duration

2 Days / 14 Hours

Course Outline

Day 1

Creating a Custom Activity

  • Tools used for development Intro to Visual Studio and NuGet Explorer
  • Programming language options
  • How to create a Class Library project in .NET
  • Understanding NuGet Feeds
  • Creating the NuGet Package Loading the NuGet Package in UiPath Studio
  • Loading the NuGet Package in UiPath Studio

Uploading Your Custom Activity to the Community Repository

  • What is UiPath Market Place?
  • How to upload
Best Practices
  • Programming best practices in creating custom activities
Web Services 
  • Creating a customer activity from Web Services
Day 2 

UiPath Library Project Type

  • Creating a Basic Library
  • Packaging a library
  • Installing a library component and using the activities
Practice 1
  • Hands-on Exercise - Simple Process
Practice 2 
  • Hands-on Exercise - Complex Process

Course Objectives

  • Familiarise on how to use C# to develop a custom activity
  • Best practices in creation of activity
  • When to develop and when not to develop custom activities
  • Package management


  • Good knowledge in Microsoft .NET and C# / VB.NET etc.
  • Good understanding of UiPath Fundamentals

Additional Note

Mode of training: Virtual Live Classroom / F2F

Min pax: 5

Max pax: 30



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