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Digital Learning Basic Workshop is a Program

Digital Learning Basic Workshop


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Full program description

Digital Learning Basic Workshop


Course Overview

Going online to learn is getting popular and widespread as more and more organizations and individuals become connected in the digital space. Learning in a virtual learning environment is a different experience from conventional face to face learning environment. There are individuals who may not keen to embrace this new method of learning as they are not comfortable or ready to use digital devices to cope with online learning by themselves. Hence, it is important that we prepare the learners to become ready for virtual learning.


Course Duration

1 Day / 8 Hours

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Trainer introduction
  • Setting expectations
  • Different types of online learning available
    • Learning in a virtual environment
    • Having a conducive environment for online learning
    • Synchronous vs Asynchronous forms of online learning
  • Set up for virtual learning
    • Resources, gadgets and digital devices required to do online learning
      • Mobile phone, tablet, personal computer
      • Broadband internet connection
      • Wifi connection, password access
      • Power source
      • Headset/Earpiece
      • Web-cam
    • Prepare and test software and equipment required
  • Commonly used virtual learning platforms
    • Identify various types of virtual learning platforms used for online learning example:
      • Canvas
      • Zoom
      • MS Teams
    • Download software and system setup requirements
      • Email account and application
      • QR code reader app
      • PDF reader
    • Navigating the various features and functions in different virtual learning platforms
  • Participation in virtual learning
    • Social etiquette in real time online learning
    • Active participation and effective communication
    • Practice session on various virtual learning platforms example:
      • Canvas
      • Zoom, MS Teams
      • ULeap, Go1
  • Perform online assessment
    • Conduct and requirements for taking online assessment
    • Resources, gadgets and digital devices required to do online assessment
    • Prepare and test software and equipment required
      • ICDL
      • MS Office
  • Summary of course
  • End of course evaluation

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, learners will be able to learn and acquire the knowledge and skills on the following:

 Different types of online learning available

 Set up for virtual learning

 Commonly used virtual learning platforms

 Participation in virtual learning

 Perform online assessment



Course Fee Payable


w/o GST


Course Fee*



After 90% CAT A Subsidy For Singaporeans & PR



*Course fees are applicable for 90% CAT A funding for Singaporeans and PR. Valid for ETST (Enhanced Training Support for Tourism) trainees only.