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Pedagogy for Performing Arts Instructors is a Program

Pedagogy for Performing Arts Instructors


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Full program description

Pedagogy for Performing Arts Instructors

Course Overview

Effective communication is one of the key skills in pedagogy. It is one of the most effective and important access points to increasing receptiveness and attentiveness in students.

Pedagogy for Performing Arts Instructors looks into effective communicative devices that would enhance an educators communication leadership skills. The training helps participants understand how to use their voice effectively in a classroom, understanding physical and verbal reactions, as well as covering the importance of clarity of diction and body language through musical exercises and exploration of gestures.

Who Should Attend

Visual and Performing Arts Educators

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Outline

Session 1 : Morning (4 Hours) Using The Voice

  • How to project your voice to a crowd
  • How to use your voice effective by breathing correctly
  • How to care for your voice to ensure a healthy voice
  • Effective vocal exercises for educators before teaching group classes
  • Foods for vocal health

Effective Communication

  • Selective Choice of words in instruction
  • Break out session of instructions through given discussion topics
  • Physical distance in communication to different student demographics
  • Deconstructing soft and hard approaches
  • Understand tone of voice

Session 2 : Afternoon (4 Hours)

Understanding Body Language

  • Individual feedback of professional vocal experts to each participant
  • The Art of Eye Contact
  • Hand gestures that affect and enhance communication
  • Deconstructing posture and other physical attributes that affect communication

Leading Well

Participants will instruct a professional voice ensemble to analyse body language

  • Allowing vs Dictating
  • Instilling trust in students
  • Team bonding activities for your students

Mode of Assessment

Multiple choice questions (MCQ)



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