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Mini Series : Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills powered by Wiley is a Program

Mini Series : Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills powered by Wiley


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Full program description

Mini Series : Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills powered by Wiley

Course Overview

Amid increasing challenging and dynamic business environments, professionals working across many sectors constantly find themselves having to make good decisions to ensure the long-term viability of businesses. With easy-to-use tools, be successfully equipped by exploring a robust critical thinking process and improve your thinking abilities that yield higher-quality problem solving, decision making and innovative solutions. Learn how to formulate creative and practical strategies, and convince your superiors effectively to approve your recommendations.

Course Duration

Training / Lecture Hours 4

Course Outline

Step 1: Develop the Mindset

  • Understanding the difference between critical thinking and automatic thinking
  • Using a process framework to think more critically
  • Validating existing assumptions by checking supporting facts, observations and experience to determine the credibility of information

Step 2: Find the Right Problem

  • Identifying the real business issue or goal
  • Reading between the lines by understanding the context and judging the evidence
  • Watching the language of false business analogies

Step 3: Solve the Problem

  • Helping to improve creative solutions through skills like impossible thinking
  • Identifying creativity barriers and how to avoid them
  • Aligning business decisions through selective process and techniques

Step 4: Execute the Solution

  • Influencing and persuading stakeholders in approving the recommendation
  • Identifying various stakeholders and understand their needs
  • Understanding the impact of Emotional Intelligence

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, learners will be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking and analytical skills for problem-solving
  • Challenge and rethinking ideas
  • Identify the root cause of business problems
  • Use creative thinking to come up with innovative solutions
  • Analyse business issues to put forth recommendations to stakeholders


Education Level

  • Recommended minimum English proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualifications (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy Level 4

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Trainer to Trainee Ratio 1: 20

Additional Note


This course is based on the works of the following author:

Think Smarter by Michael Kallet



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