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Magic of Closing Deals and Creating a Good Impression is a Program

Magic of Closing Deals and Creating a Good Impression


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Full program description

Magic of Closing Deals and Creating a Good Impression

Course Overview

One of the biggest challenges I faced when running my business is probably closing deals. The even bigger challenge is to make a good impression in front of your clients. Of course, if your client is impressed with you, then closing deals becomes a breeze.

After years of experimenting, I realised the rate of closing deals is much higher when I perform magic face to face with my clients. If you already have the right image, right product and service, then this ice breaker magic is the next step.

I also saw how magic change peoples attitude towards me. (Eg. In North Korea where I performed: in general they may be wary of foreigners. I saw how the barrier broke down with magic. Eg. One of them even asked for a photos with me and just the day before, she rejected my request for a photo!

Who Should Attend

  • Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Financial Advisors, frontline staff eg. Hotel concierge, ride operators, event staff

Course Duration

Duration: 1 day

Min Pax: 12

Max Pax: 20

Course Outline

For all the lessons below, participants will learn magic to emphasise each of the principles.

MC1: Customer Service: it is not just about being polite

  • Opening demonstration: My ice breakers
  • Scenarios of customer services: Case study: Disney
  • Empathy and the importance in magic and face to face meetings

MC2: Right Attitude to magic

  • Without the right mindset to perform magic, it can actually have the adverse effect on relationship
  • Learning how to handle audience appropriately and respectfully

MC3: When to and when not to do magic.

  • Learning how to read clients. (Empathy again)
  • How much of magic is good

MC4: Adapting the magic to fit your character and what you want to sell.

  • Magic is an art which is personal to you. Even more so because you will be performing in your context of work
  • Me performing magic is going to be different from you performing due to different life experience and different objectives. Learn how to adapt to your personality
  • In this part, everyone learns how they can adapt the magic to fit a message which they want to bring across

MC5: Ethics of Magic.

  • Learn why magician do not reveal secrets and how to handle clients
  • How to be consistent in terms of your values or your companys core values

MC6: Scenario Practise and demonstration.

  • Participants will be split into groups of 3-4 in which they demonstrate for each other how they have applied their magic in their work
  • Participants will perform at least 1 magic in scenarios in which they work in

Mode of Assessment

  • Individual Performance Assessment- perform at least 1 magic competently with the right aptitude
  • Theory Assessment: multiple choice

Course Objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • At least 1-2 magic which they can use in their everyday life
  • Adapt these magic to their work and input their values in them
  • Break Ice easily and impress their clients
  • Have these magic handy to use them in the right situations
  • Improve closing rates in their business