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How to Pitch Like a Pro is a Program

How to Pitch Like a Pro


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Full program description

How to Pitch Like a Pro

Course Overview

Finding work is a top concern for freelancers. In fact, a whole host of income-related issues are troubling todays freelancers, who worry about the competitive nature of the business, payment issues such as delayed payment or if they are paid fairly, and where theyll find their next freelance job. Pitching is an important tool to help the freelancer to land more jobs and build up a sustainable freelance career.

This workshop seeks to understand your own value as a freelancer and design your own pitch to increase the chance of landing jobs.

Who Should Attend

Any creative freelancers

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Outline

Mechanics of a pitch

  • Understand the key elements for a pitch
  • What is needed to tell a story

What do you need to understand a brief

  • Explanation of key terms in a brief
  • What to look out for in a brief

How to get people's attention? Stand and deliver

  • What to work on to get peoples attention
  • What factors need to consider to build your own elevator pitch

What is your story? Tell me in 30 sec

  • Understanding the power of story
  • What is needed to craft out your own story

Small Activity: The Elevator Pitch

Mode of Assessment

In-class presentation and demonstration of elevator pitch



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