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WSH Committee Members Training Course

What's In It For Me

  • Interpret the WSH legal and other requirement related to the WSH Committee members
  • Interpret the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders under WSH legal and other requirements
  • Participate in conducting WSH Inspection to identify WSH practices and conditions and report the findings

Who Should Attend

  • Representatives of Person at Work
  • Representatives of Management Staffs
  • WSH Professionals
  • Managers

Course Duration

24 hours

Course Outline

  • Interpret the WSH legal and other requirement related to the WSH Committee members
  • Interpret the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders under WSH legal and other requirements
  • Participate in conducting WSH Inspection to identify WSH practices and conditions and report the findings
  • Assist in conducting WSH investigation of the WSH incidents and recommend the corrective and preventive actions
  • Participate in WSH promotional activities to build a strong WSH culture at the workplace
  • Participate in issuing a set of guidelines to promote the WSH at the workplace
  • Participate in WSH committee meeting and resolve WSH matters raised during meeting through consultation

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Certificate of Attendance from NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

1 : 30


Total Course Fee: $395.00 (inclusive of GST)