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Occupational First Aid Course is a Program

Occupational First Aid Course

Time limit: 24 days

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full program description

Occupational First Aid Course

What's In It For Me


By the end of the course, you will have the relevant knowledge and application skills in demonstrating first aid/CPR+AED.

Course Overview

A mandatory course for personnel who will be appointed as a workplace first aider. The course equips learners with the relevant knowledge and skills in providing first aid and using CPR+AED.

Who Should Attend

Personnel appointed as a workplace first-aider. 

Course Duration

Training / Lecture Hours: 20.5 hours

Assessment / Exam Hours: 3 hours

Course Outline

  • Principles and practice of first aid

  • First-aid requirements in factories and other workplaces

  • Wounds, bleeding and shock

  • Fractures and soft tissues injuries

  • Handling and transportation of the injured

  • CPR & use of AED

  • Breathing difficulties

  • The unconscious patient

  • Occupational eye injuries

  • Burn injuries

  • Industrial toxicology

  • Safety and accident prevention

  • Management of medical emergencies

Mode of Assessment

Written and practical

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

SRFAC endorsed Certificate, Certificate of Successful Completion and Safety Pass endorsed by NTUC LearningHub with LSP Accreditation. (2 years validity)



  • To have at least ES WPLN Level 5 & above or equivalent as otherwise, the participants may find the course challenging to understand and pass the required assessments

  • Be physically able to perform CPR skills while kneeling on the floor

  • Pregnant or with any medical history such as heart and joint issues should seek advice from their doctors prior to enrolling

Funding Information

Skillsconnect Course Reference Code:

  • English: CRS-N-0018336


For companies applying for funding, the training grant applications must be submitted up to 30 days before the course start date, and no later than 30 days after course start date via

Additional Note

  • SDU Points: 23





Individual Pricing w/o GST w GST
Original Course Fee S$303.74 S$325.00
SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old S$60.75 S$82.01
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old S$30.37 S$51.63
WTS Funding (95%) S$15.19 S$36.45
Corporate Pricing    
Non-SME w/o GST w GST
Original Course Fee S$303.74 S$325.00
After SDF Funding for non-SMEs Companies (80%)* S$60.75 S$82.01
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old  S$30.37  S$51.63
WTS Funding (95%) S$15.19 S$36.45
Original Course Fee S$303.74 S$325.00
After Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Companies (90%)** S$30.37 S$51.63
WTS Funding (95%) S$15.19 S$36.45
*Absentee Payroll of 80% of basic hourly salary, capped at $4.50 per hour.    
** Absentee Payroll of 80% of basic hourly salary, capped at $7.50 per hour.    

Note: SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old : Applicable to Singapore Citizen/PR 

  SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old : Applicable to Singapore Citizen ONLY

Please note that prices are subject to changes