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Cooling Water Treatment Management for Building’s Air-Conditioning System is a Program

Cooling Water Treatment Management for Building’s Air-Conditioning System


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Full program description

Cooling Water Treatment Management for Building’s Air-Conditioning System

Course Overview

Traditionally, air-conditioning systems maintenance is heavily focused on mechanical aspects. The programme enables maintenance professionals to gain a fresh perspective on Cooling Water Treatment Management, to complement existing maintenance practices.

Who Should Attend

Maintenance Technicians, Managers and other Professionals

Course Duration

8 Hours

Course Outline

  • Industry outlook and needs for chemical water treatment knowledge. The importance of frontline facilities maintenance staff in managing cooling water treatment program at the site with competency and knowledge in the subject.
  • Water Treatment Fundamentals: Why need water treatment for building water-cooled air-conditioning system and its importance. Contributing factors and solutions for control of Scaling, Corrosion, Fouling and Microbiological growth in the chiller system. Reduces health hazard with good knowledge and respect to chemicals in use.
  • Success Factors for a good water treatment program. Understanding chemicals used, handling, feeding and control, reduce health hazard, chemical storage at site and water sampling technique. Site management checklist.
  • Legionella Bacteria control and its importance. The importance of shock treatment with oxidizing biocide, types to use and right application know-how for the result. Appropriate sampling for Legionella Bacteria and Standard Plate Count tests for result.
  • How to interpret water analysis result to control, troubleshooting and understand current treatment status. Establishing a control limit.
  • Typical product and technologies used in Open and Closed loop systems water treatment. Factors to enhance field Feeding and Monitoring system, maintenance notes and selection criteria. Site visit checklist.
  • Understanding chemical Safety Data Sheet (SDS) importance and application.

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

NTUC LearningHub and Kritonic Consultancy Services

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of chemical water treatment for Chiller systems
  • Understand water treatment fundamentals
  • Gain the ability to independently review and authenticate chemical treatment programs
  • Gain professional know-how in chemical water treatment management, together with knowledge to interpret water analysis report for consistent result and increase work productivity
  • Upgrade skills for Facilities staff, enhancing employability

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

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