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NICF - IT Fundamentals Part 2 (SF) is a Program

NICF - IT Fundamentals Part 2 (SF)


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Full program description

NICF - IT Fundamentals Part 2 (SF)

What's In It For Me

  • Validate your knowledge of basic concepts and core principles of computer service skills and knowledge
  • Learn from the best practice framework that has been drawn from both the public and private sectors internationally
  • Demonstrate proof of professional achievement

Course Overview

NTUC LearningHub Course Code: NICF044

SSG Skillsconnect Code: CRS-Q-0038507-ICT

This course (IT Fundamentals Part 2), together with IT Fundamentals Part 1 will prepare participants to sit for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. The CompTIA A+ certification program is the most widely accepted approach to provide an industry-wide means of certifying the competency of computer service technicians. The purpose of the CompTIA A+ certificate is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the various operating systems, Security and basic troubleshooting concepts and best practices in infrastructure administration and support environment.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the computing fundamentals on how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT operations administration and support within an organization.
  • Anyone seeking CompTIA A+ certification
  • Anyone considering a career change to IT
  • Everyone interested in
  1. Becoming a computer support technician
  2. Improving overall computing fundamentals knowledge, administration and troubleshooting skills

Course Duration

  • 3 Days / 24 Hours
  • 1 Day / 8 Hours of self-paced e-learning
  • 2 Days / 14 Hours of instructor-led classroom training

Course Outline

Operating System Basics

  1. Understanding Operating Systems
  2. Going Virtual

Operating System Administration?

  1. Interacting with Operating Systems
  2. Administrative Tools
  3. Disk Management

Working with Windows 8/8.1

  • Windows Editions
  • Installing Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Boot Methods

Working with Windows 7

  • Windows 7 Editions
  • Installing Windows 7
  • Windows 7 Features
  • Windows 7 Administrative Tools
  • Unique Control Panel Utilities
  • Networking and Windows 7
  • Windows 7 System Performance and Optimization

Working with Windows Vista

  • Windows Vista Editions
  • Installing Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista Boot Sequences
  • Windows Vista Features
  • Windows Vista Administrative Tools
  • Distinctive Utilities
  • Networking and Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista System Performance and Optimization

Working with Mac OS and Linux

  • Best Practices
  • Tools
  • Features
  • Basic Linux Commands


  • Common Prevention Methods
  • Common Security Threats
  • Workstation Security Best Practices
  • Working with OS Security Settings
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Destruction and Disposal Methods
  • Securing SOHO Network (Wireless)
  • Securing SOHO Network (Wired)

Network Services, Cloud Computing and Virtualization

  • Understanding Network Services
  • Understanding Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Understanding Mobile Operating Systems
  • Network Connectivity and Email
  • Mobile Device Synchronization

Troubleshooting Theory, Oss, and Security

  • Understanding Troubleshooting Theory
  • Troubleshooting Operating Systems
  • Troubleshooting Security Issues
  • Troubleshooting Mobile Issues
  • Troubleshooting Mobile Security Issues

Understanding Operational Procedures

  • Understanding Safety Procedures
  • Understanding Environmental Controls
  • Understanding Policies, Licensing and Privacy
  • Demonstrating Professionalism

Mode of Assessment

Students must complete a paper-based NICF assessment during class.

After completing the course, students can proceed to undertake the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Awarded SF FOR ICT Statement of Attainments (SOA)

Upon completion of the course and assessment, students will be awarded SOA from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

Official CompTIA A+ Certification

After passing the official certification exams(s), candidates will receive CompTIA A+ Certification awarded by CompTIA.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the operating system basics and administration
  • Understand the Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista, Mac OS and Linux
  • Understand the common security threats, best practices and settings
  • Understand the concepts of network services, cloud computing and virtualization
  • Understand the key concepts of mobile operating systems, connectivity and synchronization
  • Understanding troubleshooting theory, operating system and security issues
  • Understand operational procedures, environmental controls, policies, licensing and privacy


Participants must attend IT Fundamentals Part 1 before attending this course.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Medium of Instruction: English

Trainer: Trainee ratio is 1:20


  Individual Sponsored Company Sponsored
      Non-SME SME
  w/o GST w GST w/o GST w GST w/o GST w GST
Original Course Fee $600.00 $642.00 $600.00 $642.00 $600.00 $642.00
Singapore Citizens & PRs aged 21 years and above $192.00 $234.00 $192.00 $234.00 $60.00 $102.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above $60.00 $102.00 $60.00 $102.00 $60.00 $102.00
Singapore Citizens aged 35 years and above who are not earning more than $2,000 per month (WTS Scheme) $30.00 $72.00 $30.00 $72.00 $30.00 $72.00

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