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Introduction into Loudspeaker Formats and Amplification is a Program

Introduction into Loudspeaker Formats and Amplification


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Full program description

Introduction into Loudspeaker Formats and Amplification

Course Overview

In this course attendees learn the basic concepts of loudspeakers format and its amplification processes. This will allow them to better understand equipment they use on a daily basis and how to apply their equipment more effectively in their line of work.

Who Should Attend

  • Staff from Professional Audio Visual Companies
  • Freelancers in the related industry
  • Persons with interest to start or have just started in the industry

Course Duration

2 days

Course Outline

Drive System Module

  • Amplified Controllers
  • Hardware Implementation & user interaction
  • Power Amplification
  • Processing
  • Networking
  • Audio Distribution
Venue And Environment Module
  • Understanding venues
  • Room sizes
  • Audience reference
Loudspeaker Module
  • Design and Specification
  • Configurations
  • Acoustics
  • Safety
  • Cabling
Practical Module
  • Mechanical Elements
  • Electrical Elements
  • Pre and Post preparations
  • Maintenance

Mode of Assessment

  • Theory Assessment: multiple choice
  • Practical Hands-On Assignment

Course Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Have better insights of loudspeakers and amplification
  • Apply more effective audio equipment to their events
  • Help in future upgrading and purchase of audio equipment


S$ 500