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NICF - Programming in PHP (SF) is a Program

NICF - Programming in PHP (SF)


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Full program description

NICF - Programming in PHP (SF)

What's In It For Me

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  • Provide the necessary knowledge to design and develop dynamic, database-driven Web pages.
  • Learn PHP programming language written for the Web with hands-on practice in coding.
  • Learn the PHP framework, Laravel to design and develop Web.

Course Overview

NTUC LearningHub Course Code: NICF131

Skillsconnect Code: CRS-Q-0032034-ICT

The training program covers the fundamentals of PHP and equips the candidate with PHP development tools and Laravel framework to develop dynamic, database-driven web pages.

 PHP is one of the leading and highly accepted web-application development technology worldwide. PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is extensively used for website development.

 PHP Programming is used to create, launch, and maintain websites using the HTML-embedded scripting language known as Hypertext Preprocessor. 

 Laravel is a free, open source PHP Web application framework, designed for the development of MVC Web applications. According to the Top 10 PHP Frameworks for Developers in 2018, Laravel is listed as one of the most popular PHP frameworks for 2018.

 Students will learn user authentication, data validation and dynamic data updates. Students also learn how to configure PHP, Laravel and the Apache Web.

 Hands-on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce leaning and develop competency.

 This programme is designed with the objective of presenting an introductory level knowledge of PHP Programming practices to beginners to enable the learning of PHP and Laravel framework and syntax to build dynamic web sites. The course will teach you how to interface with MySQL database.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone seeking understanding of PHP Programming.
  • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the PHP programming and Laravel framework to build dynamic Web pages.
  • Everyone interested in
    • Developing Web pages beyond HTML and CSS.
    • Improving the dynamic capability of Web pages.
    • Leveraging PHP programming and Laravel framework to build Web pages.

Course Duration

5 Day / 40 Hours

Course Outline

  • Overview of PHP
    • Introducing PHP
    • Creating a PHP Application by using Editor
  • Creating Forms
    • Creating HTML Forms
    • Creating PHP Forms
  • Variables, Numbers and Strings
    • Introducing Variables
    • Introducing Numbers
    • Introducing Strings
  • Control Structures and Arrays
    • Using Control Structures
    • Using Arrays
  • Creating Web Applications
    • Creating templates
  • Cookies and Sessions
    • Cookies and Sessions
  • Functions, Files and Directories
    • Functions
    • Filing and Directories
  • Database and Putting it Altogether
    • Introducing Database
    • Putting it Altogether
  • Introducing Laravel
    • Overview of Laravel
  • Introducing Routing, Controller, and View
    • Introducing Routing 
    • Introducing Controller
    • Resourceful Controller
    • Controller, IoC Container, and Interface
    • View and Blade
    • Environment 
  • Database, Eloquent  and CRUD
    • Introducing Database Migration
    • Introducing Eloquent
    • Model, View, Controller Workflow
    • SQLite is a Breeze!
    • Fiddly Feelings of Forms
    • A CRUD Application 
  • Authentication & Authorization and Validation
    • Authentication & Authorization
    • Validation
  • Eloquent Relations, Request & Response, Contracts/Facades, Middleware
    • Eloquent Relations
    • Security
    • Request and Response
    • Contracts vs Facades
    • Middleware 

Mode of Assessment

Students will be required to complete a paper-based NICF assessment during class.

After completing the course, students can proceed to undertake the NICF PHP-MySQL training or NICF MySQL Fundamentals or other related training courses. 

For students who have paid for certification examination(s), they will receive a printed instruction voucher or email instructions during the class period to allow them to book the relevant computer-based examination for their course (e.g. exam 77-418: Word 2013 Core for students taking Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Word 2013).

As we recognize that every individual has different studying pace, we will allow everyone to make a choice when they are ready to take the examination*. So, they can register for their examination date by proceeding to level 3 Room G Exam Department at our NTUC Trade Union House center to book their examination upon receipt of the instruction voucher/ email instructions.

*Subjected to terms and conditions and schedule availability. The exam department cannot register for your examination if the voucher provided by the official vendor has expired. The instruction voucher or email instructions will not indicate the expiry date.

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Awarded NICF Statement of Attainments (SOA)

Upon completion of the course and assessment, students will also be awarded with these NICF SOAs:

  IT-IS-307S-1 Develop rich internet application.

Course Objectives

This course will enable participants to:

  • Describe fundamental aspects of PHP and Laravel application, and be able to use them to develop a web application.
  • Design the architecture and implementation of a web application to meet functional requirements to meet user business needs.
  • Create and write code to implement PHP application program including using Laravel framework.
  • Run unit tests, validation and debugging tools when developing application.


No credit or certification pre-requisites required to take this course.

But it is recommended (but not mandatory) those participants:

  • Recognize basic concepts of the HTML and CSS.
  • Know the basic computer skills of using the Word document.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Medium of Instruction: English

Trainer: Trainee ratio is 1:25

Funding Information

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

NTUC members enjoy UTAP* benefit of up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses with NTUC LearningHub.

* UTAP supports 50% of the course fees paid cap at $250 per year. You must be a union member throughout the course duration and at the time of claim. You must achieve a minimum of 75% attendance for each application and have sat for all prescribed examinations. Other terms and conditions apply.


Course Fee:
  Individual Sponsored Company Sponsored
w/o GST w GST w/o GST w GST
Original Course Fee $2,950.00 $3,156.50 $2,950.00 $3,156.50 $2,950.00 $3,156.50
Singapore Citizens & PRs aged 21 years and above $2,350.00 $2,556.50 $2,350.00 $2,556.50 $950.00 $1,156.50
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above $950.00 $1,156.50 $950.00 $1,156.50 $950.00 $1,156.50
Singapore Citizens aged 35 years and above who are not earning more than $2,000 per month (WTS Scheme) $830.00 $1,036.50 $830.00 $1,036.50 $830.00 $1,036.50


Individual Sponsored
  • Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset course fee payable after funding.
  • Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their PSEA funds to offset course fee payable after funding.
  • NTUC Members can enjoy up to 50% funding (capped at $250 per year) under Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP).
Company Sponsored
  • Absentee Payroll claimable by SMEs: Up to 80%of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hr.
  • Absentee Payroll claimable by Non-SMEs: Up to 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50/hr.
  • Absentee payroll claimable by companies (SMEs and Non-SMEs) sponsoring candidates under WTS Scheme: Up to 95% of hourly basic salary (no dollar cap).

Terms and conditions apply. NTUC LearningHub reserve the right to make changes or improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.

Prices are subject to other LHUB miscellaneous fees

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