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Operationalising The Outcome-Based Security Contract is a Program

Operationalising The Outcome-Based Security Contract

Time limit: 16 days

$600 Enroll

Full program description

Operationalising The Outcome-Based Security Contract

What's In It For Me

  • Prepare organization for OBC
  • Defining outcomes for OBC
  • Develop an evaluation criteria and matrix for OBC
  • Manage OBC tender project
  • Manage contract/performance

Course Overview

If you are involved in the procurement process or are reviewing your companys existing security contract, this two-day workshop will enable you to effectively transit from the current contracting model to an outcome-based contract (OBC). The key features of this workshop are as follows:

  • Preparing your organization for OBC
  • Developing a security-based OBC tender
  • Tender evaluation process
  • Project management process
  • Performance/Contract Management for OBC

Who Should Attend

  • Personnel who are involved in the procurement process of outsourced security services
  •  Directors, Managers and Executives who plan to transit from existing companys security headcount-based contract to an Outcome-based contracting model
  • Any service buyers who want to know about Outcome-based contracting model

Course Outline

The workshop will be highly interactive and practical. It will cover in greater details the following topics:

1. Preparing your organization for OBC

Clarifying Security OBC

Understanding Risks & Opportunities

The need for Stakeholders Engagement

2. Developing a security-based OBC tender

Conceptualising an OBC

Understanding the key features of the OBC tender

Defining outcomes for OBC

Justifying funding for OBC

3. Tender evaluation process

Developing an evaluation criteria and matrix for OBC

4. Project management process

Managing the key project phases of a security OBC

5. Performance/Contract Management for OBC

Measuring and sustaining performance

Developing a governance framework for OBC

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Certificate of Attendance from NTUC LearningHub 


  • Must be able to read and write English at level 6
  • Must be able to speak English at level 6
  • Must have some working experience as a procurement officer 


$600 per participant (exclude GST)  - no course fee funding  (UTAP upon approval)