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Unlocking Your Potential is a Program

Unlocking Your Potential


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Full program description

Unlocking Your Potential

What's In It For Me

  • Explore the World's most effective psychometric profiling tool
  • Understand yourself at a deeper and intrinsic level to help you succeed at the things you want to do

Course Overview

Identi3 Profiling offers a quick insight to how people are likely to behave.

It is a scientific way to help you identify skills gaps in job functions, conflicts within teams, and organisational diagnostics. Identi3 is beyond just profiling. Identi3 can help you to achieve 3 fits, namely Person-Job Fit, Person-Team Fit and Person-Organisation Fit. Identify the 8 different career types you fall under and maximise your potential!

What is a psychometric system? How should I explain to my organisation what psychometrics are?

Psychometrics is a form of measurement that stems out from the school of Psychology. Psychometrics gives organisations an indication of what the personalities of the people they are considering to hire.

As collaboration in the workplace is an important factor, the understanding of personality is important. When psychometrics are used on existing staff, they serve as an indication or areas to improve on.


How should you use Identi3 reports?

Identi3 questionnaires and reports should be used with discretion and under the supervision of an accredited Identi3 trainer or consultant. An unqualified person makes assumptions and provides the wrong advice.

The accuracy of the report depends on the frankness of the candidate when answering the questionnaire as well as his level of self-awareness. Nevertheless, this report provides important indicators of the candidates behaviours.

Course Duration

2 hours 

Course Outline

The 2 hour Self Discovery Programme includes:

  • Discover your 16 sub-dimensional traits in the areas of thought, control, work and relations
  • Insights on your strengths & weaknesses with the aid of Identi3 profiling
  • How to place yourself in the right path to enjoy success in your job

Mode of Assessment

  • An Identi3 Basic Personal Values Report

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

  • Mapped to Identi3 Psychometric Profiling Tool

Additional Note

How does one administer Identi3?

Identi3 employs the use of a user-friendly, web-based questionnaire. In 15 minutes, users will attempt 20 questions that measure 16 important sub-dimensions in the work context. How accurate is Identi3?

Identi3 products extend to a wide variety of HR and Business uses, and has been deployed to 10,000 users across 3 continents worldwide. Well-tested and robust, Identi3 has a high validity score of 0.926% and has been used in many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


What are the shortfalls of using a psychometric system?

With all psychometric tools, you may want to use the accompanying reports as a guide. Over believing in the results or stereotyping other people with the results, is not a good way to use psychometric tools.


How does Identi3 get more accurate results in a shorter time with fewer questions?

Other instruments measure external behaviours which vary in different conditions. Identi3 measures a persons beliefs. These beliefs represent the personal value profiles which are more consistent and accurate. In addition by using a force-choice method, Identi3 is able to yield more insights with half the number of questions.


Limitation of reports

The reports do not take into account other external, dynamic factors and hence should be used under supervision of a Identi3 accredited trainer or consultant. A Identi3 accredited trainer or consultant can assist in fine-tuning the candidates scores against dynamic factors and interpret the report based on the context. The report has a shelf life of 18 to 24 months. If there are major changes in the candidate's life or work, he should complete the questionnaire again.



Fees Before GST: $225.00 

Fees After GST: $240.75

Prices are subject to other LHUB miscellaneous fees. A minimum class size is applicable. Please contact us for a quotation on corporate requests.