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Lean Warehousing is a Program

Lean Warehousing

Time limit: 14 days

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Full program description

Lean Warehousing

What's In It For Me

  • Be able to understand the essence of Lean Thinking
  • Learn to clarify and explain waste and value
  • Learn how to identify areas of waste within the organisation

Course Overview

Warehousing is expensive!! With the current economic situation, there is a need to increase the flexibility of warehousing operations through process design and layout configuration. Thus minimizing the cost of warehousing has become an important task for many organizations. Lean Warehousing, a practical concept, can be applied to improve warehouse resource utilisation while maintaining or improving customer service. In Lean Warehousing, Lean principles are applied to warehousing facilities and operational activities to enhance service responsiveness, speed, lead-times, and productivity. The training aims to provide participants with

  • an understanding of the purpose of Lean Warehousing and its approach

  • the know-how of various types of wastes impact operations and profitability

  • awareness of the various types of tools to eliminate specific wastes

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors from manufacturing facilities, freight forwarding organizations, warehouses, or any facility dealing with high frequency and high volume material movement and storage.

Course Duration

2 Days 

Course Outline

  • Functions of a warehouse

  • What is Lean Warehousing

  • 7 Operational Waste

  • Common Waste in Warehousing

  • Lean Warehouse Simulation Game

  • Lean Tools for Warehousing

  • 5S and Visual Control

  • Spaghetti Diagram

  • Process Flow Analysis Chart

Mode of Assessment

Quiz and Project Assignment

Certification Obtained and Conferred by


$680.01 (inclusive of GST)

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