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Lean Thinking is a Program

Lean Thinking

Time limit: 14 days

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Full program description

Lean Thinking

What's In It For Me

  • To use analytical insights to improve talent management processes and strategic business decisions.
  • To define the roles, capabilities, and structures required to maximise analytics effectiveness.
  • To appreciate where data can be found (Internal to the company, External _ free and purchased, such as ASTD State of Industry reports).

Course Overview

Huge performance improvements have been realised across many diverse industries by implementing Lean Thinking. Many of the Lean tools and techniques are hugely beneficial when applied to both manufacturing and non-manufacturing areas. This new course has been designed specifically to enable delegates to benefit from Lean thinking and Lean techniques. This highly participative and interactive workshop explores the concept of waste and non-well-value adding activity and covers a range of well-proven Lean tools. Advice is offered on implementation best practice. The course content is designed to be applicable across all employee functions and is aimed at any team member with an interest in operational improvement. By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the essence of Lean Thinking

  • Clarify and explain waste and value

  • Be able to identify areas of waste within the organisation

  • Understand 5S and the role it plays within the organisation

  • Understand the concept of Pull System

  • Prioritise areas requiring improvement

  • Identify a “Back At Work” project plan

Who Should Attend

Management, factory managers, engineers, front line and supporting processes personnel who are responsible for productivity, quality and/or efficiency improvement in their organizations.

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Outline

  • Introduction & Principles of Lean Thinking

  • What is Value, Value Stream and Value Stream Mapping

  • Understanding organisational waste via the 7 Classic Waste

  • Value Stream – Current & Future State

  • Lean Tools & Techniques

    • 5S

    • Poka Yoke

    • One Piece Flow Concept

    • Theory of Constraint

    • SMED

  • TPM & OEE

  • Lean Implementation

  • Lean Game for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Key Learning Points

Mode of Assessment

Quiz and Project  Assignment

Certification Obtained and Conferred by


$680.01 (inclusive of GST)

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