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WSQ Apply Basic LEAN Techniques in the Workplace is a Program

WSQ Apply Basic LEAN Techniques in the Workplace

Time limit: 32 days

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Full program description

WSQ Apply Basic LEAN Techniques in the Workplace

What's In It For Me

  • Learn how to apply cycle time management and simulate layout design for activity improvement
  • Learn to apply poke yoke techniques and value stream mapping
  • Learn to apply process mapping to understand activity flow and implement business improvement project

Course Overview

On successful completion of this unit, learner will have the knowledge and skills in identifying potential failures in product and process designs and apply the various LEAN Techniques in their workplace so as to sustain value to the customer and productivity to the business.

Who Should Attend

Organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare and service-based industries, as well as in higher education, will reap significant benefits from employees attending this programme. This course would be relevant to General Managers, Department Managers, Engineers, Officers/Executives, Supervisors, Technicians. 

Course Duration


32 hours (4 days @ 8 hours per day including 3 hours of Summative Assessment)

Course Outline

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • The skills and knowledge for this unit which the trainee is assumed to possess are as follows:
  • Be able to read, write and speak English at WPL Level 5 or equivalent
  • Individuals who is responsible for quality or continuous improvement within their organisations and also those who wish to develop knowledge and skills in the area of Lean system
  • Able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills System Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 5
  • Able to use numeracy skills equivalent to the Employability Skills System Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level 5

Terminal Performance Objective

  • To demonstrate attainment of the knowledge and skills in this training programme, the learner must be able to demonstrate the following within the given time limit and with the materials, tools and equipment supplied:
  • 1. Apply Cycle Time Management
  • 2. Simulate Layout Design for Activity Improvement
  • 3. Apply Poke Yoke Techniques
  • 4. Value Stream Mapping
  • 5. Apply Process Mapping to Understand Activity Flow
  • 6. Implement Business Improvement Project

Mode of Assessment

All the Performance Statements, Underpinning Knowledge and Range of Application in the competency standard will be assessed. The assessment may consist of a combination of any of the following methods:

Practical Performance

Written Test

The learners would be assessed by independent trainers at the end of this course.

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Statement of Attainment (SOA) from Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

Course Objectives

The LEAN model is dramatically altering the face of manufacturing in the developed world. Inventories are dropping, lead times are shortening, quality is holding steady or increasing, and prices are falling. We expect this trend will follow in all other sectors, just as it has in manufacturing.

  • This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to apply LEAN techniques to avoid or reduce waste generation. It requires the ability to identify the opportunities for production practice that eliminates expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer, analyse those opportunities to establish criteria, and then develop an implementation program. This unit specifies the skills and knowledge required by people to operate in the in the field of manufacturing in a WSQ Level 2. Cycle Time Management
  • Layout Design
  • Poke Yoke Techniques
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Process Mapping
  • Business Improvement Project


  • This course is aimed at managers, engineers, supervisors and technicians who have responsibility for quality or continuous improvement within their organisations and also those who wish to develop knowledge and skills in the area of Lean systems.
  • Below are the recommended minimum participant prerequisites for entry into this training programme.
  • These prerequisites have been verified as essential to successful performance in the programme and on the job. The course is intended for individuals who may not have background experience within manufacturing industries, but who are interested to learn the basic skills in applying LEAN Techniques in the workplace. Entry into the programme without one or more of the following prerequisites may affect a trainee's performance in the training programme as well as on the job. 

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Medium of Instruction: English

Trainer : Trainee Ratio

1 : 20

Funding Information

Elligible for SDF, WTS, and UTAP funding.

Terms and conditions apply.


Individual Pricingw/o GSTw GST
Course FeeS$645.00S$690.15
SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs oldS$129.00S$174.15
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs oldS$64.50S$109.65
WTS Funding (95%)S$32.25S$77.40
Corporate Pricing
Course FeeS$645.00S$690.15
SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old ^S$129.00S$174.15
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs oldS$64.50S$109.65
WTS Funding (95%)S$32.25S$77.40
Course FeeS$645.00S$690.15
SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs oldS$129.00S$174.15
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs oldS$64.50S$109.65
WTS Funding (95%)S$32.25S$77.40

Prices does not include pre & post assessment fees and are subject to changes and other LHUB miscellaneous fees

Note: SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old : Applicable to Singapore Citizen/PR 

  SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old : Applicable to Singapore Citizen ONLY