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Take Centrestage and Command an Audience is a Program

Take Centrestage and Command an Audience


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Full program description

Take Centrestage and Command an Audience

Course Overview

Using experiential exercises, reflection, case studies and dialogue, this training provides a transformational learning experience where participants develop powerful new awareness and are guided to create practical action plans.

This training draws on participants strengths in public speaking and individual talent, which will be honed to provide absolute understanding of proper show presentation. The program will also give insights on how to overcome fear of speaking to an audience, seamless speech delivery, effective ideas for audience interaction, effective use of body language which will then culminate to competent and confident public speakers.

Who Should Attend

  • Existing performers in the events, entertainment & arts industry whom have not been exposed to emceeing/showhosting to a live audience
  • Individuals in ANY industry, looking to hone/improve their skills in public speaking to an audience

Course Duration

2 days

Course Outline

LU1 : Self expression mechanics and technique

  • To access and identify each participants strength and weakness

LU2 : Whats your style?

  • To identify each participants STAR quality and use them effectively
  • Identifying personal style of hosting & comfort zones

LU3 : Voice projection technique

  • Microphone technique & proper voice projection

LU4 : Non verbal techniques

  • Making use of body movements and hand gestures an advantage

LU5 : Understanding & overcoming the fear factor(s)

  • Identify and embrace fear in front of an audience
  • Unmasking the Face & be ONESELF!

LU6 : Scripting techniques

  • Techniques to a well prepared and written script
  • Understanding and implementing proper script reading
  • Learning to TALK the script rather than READING it

LU7 : Attention grabbing tips 

  • Conduct ass participating activities & humour to grab attention of an audience
  • Identifying individual talent which may be used as a prop to capture audience attention 

LU8 : Stage activities & games

  • Learning effective stage games to entertain audience
  • Conducting games and deliver it successfully

Mode of Assessment

 Scenario-based group presentation & assessment

Course Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Participants will learn to overcome personal fears of public speaking
  • Effectively present themselves to a LIVE audience
  • Execute successful content presentation
  • Gain confidence in their own abilities and themselves
  • Effectively use their individual talents to their advantage
  • Able to read a script more effectively and smoothly
  • Able to use interactive activities and games for a livelier audience response
  • Learning how to connect with the audience

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Learning Methodology

  • Scenario-based learning



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