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Ride Over Changes Through a Growth Mindset is a Program

Ride Over Changes Through a Growth Mindset


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Full program description

Ride Over Changes Through a Growth Mindset

Course Overview

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change- Charles Darwin. 

 In a global landscape that is increasingly complex, disruptive and ever-changing, individuals, leaders and organisations face more complexity, challenges and changes. Being future-ready and change ready is no longer a choice, but a necessity for leaders and managers. individuals. Regardless of our professional roles in the organisation, one has to anticipate and be pro-active to understand, adapt, assimilate and ride over the internal and external changes that have impacted the way we think and the way we lead and the way we work.

 Changes can bring about growth and positive outcomes for the individuals if one is able to stay abreast with the latest and upcoming transformation, be agile, relevant and start anew. As the future changes become more rampant and diverse, individuals must have the change agility and the ability to learn, relearn, unlearn and outlearn so as to ride over the disruptions and transformations. 

 This course is to equip leaders and managers with a growth mindset and skills to overcome fears, challenges uncertainties and manage ones resistance and emotions towards changes. By learning and applying how to accept, adapt and assimilate the changes, leaders with a growth mindset, leaders and managers can ride over the changes they face in the organisation, team and even themselves.

Who Should Attend

Directors, Leaders, Managers, executives and HR and anyone in a position where you need to be more receptive, adaptable and be change and future ready to lead, manage and contribute in the ones roles in the organisation/department/team through mindset change.

Course Duration

7 Hours

Course Outline

The Future World of Work  

  • Identify the types of changes and the impacts to our organisational goals and outcomes and leadership change agility and development
  • Discover how we can better manage, anticipate and adapt the changes arising from the future world of work as a leader changing our mindset in the way we think, lead and work

Apply Positive Reframing

  • Reactive response towards Adversity (Unfavourable and unpleasant events and situations that happen to us)
  • Learned Optimism and Positive Reframing mindset
  • Understand, identify and focus your Circle of Control versus your Circle of Concern
  • Reframe your reactive and negative statements into positive statements

Growth Mindset towards Change

  • Identify and manage the catalysts for change
  • Apply growth mind-set towards change and enhance ones learning and change agility
  • Apply growth mind-set towards change and enhance ones learning and change agility
  • Have grit and resilience when undertaking new, uncertain and challenging roles and work targets
  • Takes initiative to suggest new ideas and approaches to lead and support the change and or, continuous improvement
  • Cultivate good habits to start and sustain a growth mindset

Overcome Changes and Challenges through Growth Mindset

  • Identify the current pulse of the organisation- glad, sad, mad & scare about the organisation
  • Identify the reasons and causes for glad, sad, mad & scare
  • Leverage on Glad what are we glad about the organisation to overcome challenges
  • Discover our common negative thoughts and feelings relating to sad, mad & scare and the implications of fixed mindset as leaders and impact to the organisation and subordinates
  • Re-frame negative and fixed mindset thoughts and feelings statements with growth mindset

Change your Questions, Change your Results

  • Choose your attitude-Change your questions, change your results
  • Have a Learner mindset versus Judgers Mindset for self as a leader and the impacts to the organisation
  • Complement the growth mindset with the type of conversations in the workplace

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will: 

1. Understand the future world of work, disruption and transformation and its implications 

2. Enhance ones learning, change and future ready agility

3. Manage ones mindset and emotions towards change 

4. Undertake ones Leadership Action Plan to ride over the change effectively

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Trainer to Trainee Ratio - 1:20


  • Before GST: $600.00 
  • After GST: $642.00

Prices are subject to other LHUB miscellaneous fees.