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Leveraging HR Analytics and Data is a Program

Leveraging HR Analytics and Data


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Full program description

Leveraging HR Analytics and Data

What's In It For Me

Helps you measure current investments whilst building future capabilities

Course Overview

Employee salaries and HR programmes frequently account for close to half of many organisations operating expenses. To leverage maximum employee value and potential, organisations are turning to human capital analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their workforce and improve the quality and credibility of HR decision-making. That essentially means a greater demand from organisational leaders and business partners for insight into whether their current investments are going to pay off and where should they invest to ensure pay off in the future.

Who Should Attend

HR generalist, L&D practitioners needing to quantify the potential value of their workforce. IT specialists responsible for implementing technologies underpinning their organisations analytics initiatives.

Course Duration

16 hours (2 Days)

Course Outline

  • State of the art analytics: Examine current good practices in human capital metrics
  • Why all the interest in analytics: Understanding the value and optimising investments
  • The notion of return-investment: Introducing the formula, concept of optimisation and modelling
  • What is HR analytics: Explores big data, data mining, analytics mindset and processes
  • Step 1: Framing the questions and understanding stakeholder perspectives: Understanding the underlying causes and developing the business case
  • Step 2: Specifying the data and metrics required: Aligning HR metrics and data to key organisational challenges
  • Step 3: Executing the analysis: Explore tangible examples of the analysis phase of HR analytics
  • Step 4: Communicating the results: Importance of how analytics results are socialised and communicated. Building the narrative and synthesising for impact
  • Putting the steps into practice: Learnings from leading companies, pros and cons of starting the analytics journey and setting expectations

Mode of Assessment

Course Only

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Certificate of Attendance from NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd with CIPD logo

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Trainer to Trainee Ratio 1 :20


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