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Delivering Transformational Change (CIPD Masterclass) is a Program

Delivering Transformational Change (CIPD Masterclass)


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Full program description

Delivering Transformational Change (CIPD Masterclass)

Course Overview

HR Transformation is about making strategic decisions and changes to improve and drive organisational performance. The Leading Strategic HR Transformation workshop is imperative if you are leading and delivering organisational change projects. This highly practical and interactive course will help prepare you for dealing with fast-paced change initiatives within organisations.

Through group discussions, you will tap into your own and other participants experience to inform current change initiatives. You will gain specialist knowledge to express a business case, along with vision, milestones, measures and planning. You will also acquire the skills to coach, influence and gain buy-in from key people and cope with resistance.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All HR Staff and HR Practitioners
  • HR/Personnel Managers
  • Planners, Strategic Planners
  • HR Business Partners 
  • Anyone who needs to understand HR strategy

Course Duration

3 Days (24 Training Hours)

Course Outline

Lessons from your experience of change

  • Forces for change: Why is change necessary? What is possible/impossible?
  • So what is Change? What is Transformation? Technical vs adaptive problems.

Managing endings

  • Seeing your challenge differently: inhibitors, enablers, multiple dimensions
  • S-curves and navigating turning points
  • Making a break with the past and re-writing your story
  • Celebrating, letting go and stepping over the line

Human reactions and preparing for the transformation

  • From just a project to bringing self and others through change
  • Writing your message of change and trying it for impact
  • Listening at 3 levels and receiving feedback
  • Change equation and DICE

Personalising your leadership

  • Understanding our reactions including limbic and the three brains
  • Coming through the transition curve with ranting and recovering control
  • Identifying the stakeholders and shifting the system
  • From just a project to commitment, rackets and sourcing your power

Thinking outside the box

  • Breakthrough examples, creating change without stress
  • Working through resistance to responsibility
  • Naming the problem and asking why to challenge assumptions
  • Collaborating to create a different and much more enabling environment

Mobilising the wider organisation

  • Working on multiple scales from person to team to organisation
  • Transforming hierarchy to an enabling space featuring trust and confidence
  • Working through dilemmas together to doable actions

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance by NTUC Learninghub. 

This course has been accredited by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP). For more information on IHRP and IHRP Certification, visit

Course Objectives

  • Key steps to prepare for, introduce and delivery change
  • Re-assess your previous change experiences to inform your current change initiative
  • Articulate your business case for change including vision, milestones, success measures, plan
  • Involve key people through meaningful discussions about the required change
  • Influence personal reactions to change, working through resistance to buy-in
  • Create committed alliances, mobilise teams and follow through to achieve needed results and performance
  • Transforming hierarchy to an enabling space featuring trust and confidence

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Trainer to trainee ratio: 1: 20

Additional Note

For further direct enquiries:

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Individual Pricing w/o GST w GST
Original Course Fee S$2,080.00 S$2,225.60

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