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CIPD Level 3: Foundation Certificate In Learning And Development is a Program

CIPD Level 3: Foundation Certificate In Learning And Development


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Full program description

CIPD Level 3: Foundation Certificate In Learning And Development

Course Overview

1. To provide a firm foundation in all the areas of Learning and Development, including its impact on business sustainability.

2. To develop essential skills and give students the confidence to be more effective at work and to add value to their HR or training function.

3. To add value to their HR or training function.

Who Should Attend

The Certificate is ideal to candidates who:

- Are new to the L&D function.

- Are working in the field of L&D in a support role and wish to develop their knowledge and skills.

- Are responsible for L&D activities and decisions within an organisation without a specialist role.

- Are engaged as employees or independent consultants within the field of L&D.

- Are looking to further their L&D career with a professional qualification.

Course Duration

136 Hours

Course Outline

The Certificate is a foundation level qualification, which is designed to reflect the CIPD HR Profession Map and the new professional membership criteria. You will learn through a combination of taught sessions, activities based on case studies and through private study. Assessment is through assignment work.

To achieve the CIPD Certificate in Learning and Development, you need a total of 26 credits, which you will gain by completing all of the following units.

1. Becoming an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner - 4 credits

2. Learning and Development and the Organisation - 4 credits

3. Identifying Learning and Development Needs - 3 credits

4. Designing Learning and Development Activities - 6 credits

5. Delivering Learning and Development Activities - 6 credits

6. Evaluating Learning and Development Activities - 3 credits

Mode of Assessment

Assessment is by:

- Demonstrating practical skills.

- Short work-based reports.

- A self-assessment of your experience and contribution to the programme.

- Evaluation, explanation and comparison case study exercises.

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

CIPD Qualification


w/o GST


Full Course Fee



*After E2i Funding



*E2i Funding T&C:

-Candidate to submit CV of current/previous job role to reflect that they have min/no prior knowledge in HR/L&D

-Pay slip to reflect the salary of S$2,500 (new hired), upon deployment OR

-Increment of S$200 (In employment transition), upon deployment

-Attendance of 70% and above

-Passed all assessment

-Continue to be employed for at least 3 months upon completion and passed all assessment

Prices are subject to other LHUB miscellaneous fees

CIPD Membership

Participants are required to register your CIPD Student Membership at CIPD website if you are not a CIPD Member. Guide on CIPD Student Membership registration will be given after you have been accepted into the course. You may refer to for latest CIPD Student Membership rates and membership benefits.

Note: CIPD membership fee (in British pounds)


Joining Fee (GBP)

Subscription Fee (GBP)

Total (GBP)

Up to 12 months