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Preparing To Be An Effective Citizen Defender is a Program

Preparing To Be An Effective Citizen Defender


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Full program description

Preparing To Be An Effective Citizen Defender


Course Overview

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With much workplace safety and health measures put in place to safeguard the well-being of workers, having a safe environment to work in has become an accepted norm in Singapore. Whenever there are unforeseen situations such as the COVID-19 happening, heightened support needs to be put in place to ensure that the working environment continues to be safe for everybody including the general public. Hence, having a team of highly effective citizen defenders who are well equipped to perform their job functions is important.

Understand the importance, role and responsibilities of a citizen defender.  Develop a positive mindset and capabilities to better deal with the challenges of being a citizen defender.


Course Duration

8 hours (including assessment)

Course Outline

1.  Introduction to the COVID-19 Citizen Defender Program

What is the COVID-19 Citizen Defender Program

  • Day 1 Definition of Role, Contribution and Mindset
  • Day 2 Personal Safety and Hygiene
  • Day 3 COVID-19 Screening Basics
  • Day 4 Customer Friendly Language
  • Day 5 Self-protection Measures in Challenging Situations

Brief introduction to the job of a COVID-19 Citizen Defender (Further details to be covered under Section 3)

2.  The Changing Landscape of Work

The Importance of a safe workplace environment

  • What does safety at the workplace mean
  • Importance of being able to work in a safe environment

Current job landscape in view of COVID-19

  • Current Situation of COVID-19 (what has transpired)
  • How COVID-19 is affecting the citizens and economy
  • Impact of COVID-19 on job industries

3.  Understanding your new role and responsibility

Group sharing and discussion on what the new job entails/ any knowledge and experience with the job

Requirements of the Job

  • Job description
  • Understanding the skills needed for the job
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities

4.  Dealing with Fear and Building Resilience

Addressing personal fears and challenges

  • Activity Fear in the bucket

Recalling past experiences and successes

How to overcome the challenges in this job

  • Role Playing activities Possible scenarios that may arise
  1. Eg. People refusing to cooperate and do not want to fill up the necessary forms

Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Understand the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindsets
  • Using Growth Mindsets to help in perceiving change as opportunities to improve situations in life

5. Positive Mindset

Identify new personal goals that needs to be made in order to be adapt to the new landscape, which include

  • Keeping up to date on COVID-19 situation and safety measures 
  1. Including helpful links to understanding current situation
  • Ensuring selfs good hygiene practices
  • Developing the confidence and skills to manage frontline duties
  • Attending training to develop horizontal skills and increase their employability and job agility

Using the Attitude Toolkit 

  • Toolkit 1 Learn that positive attitude can be developed
  • Toolkit 2 Be aware of your own dialogue 
  • Toolkit 3 Reframe your mind 
  • Toolkit 4 Be prepared 
  • Toolkit 5 Motivate yourself 
  • Toolkit 6 Build supportive relationships 

Recognising your contribution and importance

Mode of Assessment

Written Assessment


Course Objectives

  •  Motivate trainees to change their perceptions and mindset
  • Develop refined expectations towards the new job
  • Developing resilience and adaptability
  • Recognising their contributions towards the greater good

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Training Methodology:

  • Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Quizzes
  • Personal Reflection



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