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Personal Safety & Hygiene is a Program

Personal Safety & Hygiene


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Full program description

Personal Safety & Hygiene

Course Overview

This course places greater emphasis on dealing with infectious diseases outbreak and the preventive measures to be taken to ensure a high level of public hygiene. In addition, the course covers hazard identification and risk control procedures.

Course Duration

8 hours (including assessment)

Course Outline

1.  Identify the background of infectious diseases

  • Agent, Host and Environment
  • Routes and Symptoms of Infectious diseases

2.  Follow the guidelines provided by regulatory bodies (for e.g. Ministry of Health) in the event of infectious disease outbreak

  • DORSCON Level

3.  Practice personal hygiene at workplace

  • Definition of personal hygiene, causes of poor personal hygiene and examples of personal hygiene 
  • How to practice basic personal hygiene

4.  Maintain social distancing and follow socially responsible behaviours

  • Socially responsible behaviours in accordance to WHO, GOV.SG, MOH & MOM guidelines

5.  Use personal protective equipment (PPE) and other materials required in the event of infectious disease outbreak

  • PPE Mask (N95/ Surgical Mask) and Gloves
  • Other materials Body temperature measuring device, anti-viral, disinfectants and First aid box

6.  Identify roles and responsibilities of stakeholders under WSH Act

  • Occupier, Employer, Principal, Self-employed person and Person at Work

7.  Identify and report potential hazards and risks associated with in the work area

  • Hazards - Classification of hazards, Human and Cultural factors, Workplace or Work-related Factors, unsafe conditions and unsafe acts
  • Risk Evaluation Severity, Likelihood, Risk Matrix, Risk Acceptability Chart
  • Risk Controls Hierarchy of Controls

Reporting Appropriate Personnel and Ways to report

Mode of Assessment


Course Objectives

This course aims to equip workers with knowledge of personal safety and hygiene. In addition, the course enables workers to acquire skills sets to be socially responsible, identification of hazards at the workplace, and control measures to deal with such hazards and the outbreak of infectious disease.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Training Methodology:

  • Lecture & Sharing
  • Group Discussion
  • Role plays
  • Presentation