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COVID-19 Risk Management & Audit is a Program

COVID-19 Risk Management & Audit


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Full program description

COVID-19 Risk Management & Audit

Course Overview

With the current COVID-19 situation showing little sign of recovery, it is important for organizations to better prepare for such risk. This workshop equips participants with knowledge to guide employers and occupiers on premises to apply risk management in the context of COVID-19 risk, which is highly infectious. As a result, organisations are better position to gain the confidence of their customers and the public by managing this new risk.

Course Duration

8 hours (including assessment)

Course Outline

  • What is COVID-19 in Risk Management?
  • Roles of Risk Management Champions in COVID-19 Risk Management
  • Where to obtain latest updates on national COVID-19 situation, regulations and advisories
  • COVID-19 Risk Management based on Risk Management Regulations
  • What are the COVID-19 threats and control measures according to Risk Management Regulations?
  • Formulate a Risk Assessment on COVID-19 threats
  • Perform internal COVID-19 risk audit

Mode of Assessment


Course Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will gain knowledge and skills about the following:

  • Characteristics of COVID-19 according to World Health Organisation
  • Obtain national updates on the COIVD-19 situation, policies and advisories
  • COVID-19 Risk Management according to Risk Management Regulations
  • Identify workplace COVID-19 threats and introducing risk control measures
  • Appoint Risk Management Champions in the organization to implement risk control measures
  • Incorporate COVID-19 control measures into risk communication to all employees, customers and the public
  • Record-keeping of risk control measures for internal COVID-19 risks audit