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COVID-19 Customer Friendly Language is a Program

COVID-19 Customer Friendly Language


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Full program description

COVID-19 Customer Friendly Language

Course Overview

When it comes to dealing with customers, its as much about what you say as how it is you say it. Learn how to engage customers even in the most awkward situations through the customer friendly language. Build up confidence in handling difficult conversations with customers, and how to make the most positive and engaging impact upon them.

Course Duration

 8 Hours (including assessment)

Course Outline

Identifying our Customers

  • Who are our customers?
  • Understand the purpose (or objectives) for your interaction with the customers

  • Understand the needs and expectations of your customers

Building Rapport with Customers
  • What is Customer Engagement and why is it important?

  • Difference between customer experience and customer engagement

  • Moments of Truth (MOT) in service

  • Building rapport with customers

  • Understanding Empathy and how to demonstrate empathy with your customers

How and What to Say
  • The Communication Process

  • Communication Style: Passive, Assertive and Aggressive

  • Mehrabian Communication Model

  • The Power of Words

  • Tone of your voice

  • Positive and Negative Body Language

Scripting the Language to Customers
  • Positive Service Language

  • Negative Service Language

  • The 5Cs of Service Language:  Clarity, Courtesy, Caring, Compassionate and Can-do

  • Clarity in giving answers and instructions

Dealing with Specific Customers Situation
  • Service Language for special situations, examples like handling of call centre videos and phone call checks on individuals on Stay Home Notice (SHN)

  • Learning Activities

Mode of Assessment

  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • Debrief

Course Objectives

  • Be adept at using customer-focused language to build rapport with customers
  • Acquire the skills for effective verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Draw up a list of customer-friendly phrases for positive customer engagement
  • Able to think on your feet and to react positively to different customer situations
  • Handle difficult customer conversations with confidence

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Training Methodology

The program will focus on experiential learning with:

  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Discussions and sharing



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