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Call Centre Contact Tracing Etiquette is a Program

Call Centre Contact Tracing Etiquette


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Full program description

Call Centre Contact Tracing Etiquette

Course Overview

Calling people to check if they are "close contacts" of coronavirus patients are the part of a call centre contact tracers.  Their job is a critical part of ring-fencing the virus by rounding up patients who may have been infected.  Call centre contact tracers will need the ability to conduct phone interview of cases/contacts and if necessary, try and jog the contacts memory.  In addition, they are required to conduct daily call to monitor contact for the duration of follow-up where necessary.

Whether the outcome of a call is a successful interaction or a dissatisfied caller is dependent on the expertise and service provided by the agent. This course will help call centre agents learn the best ways to listen and be heard and covers skills that call centre agents requires to conduct a phone interview and query the contacts.

Course Duration

8 hours (including assessment)

Course Outline

  • Course introduction
  • Call Centre vs Frontline Operations
  • Phone Etiquette and the importance of portraying a professional image
  • Verbal communication techniques tone training and expressions in the absence of visual indicators
  • Customer Service and Managing Expectations
  • Interaction essentials and effective communication
  • Effective interview structure and process
  • Questioning techniques
  • Identify changes in customer behaviour
  • PDPA and handling of customers information

Mode of Assessment

Practicum & Quizzes

Course Objectives

The participants of this workshop will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to work in a customer focused contact centre environment. Participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and skills required for effective communication, phone etiquette, querying and handling different situations over the phone.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer


  • Theory delivery by trainer
  • Video demonstrations
  • Individual discussion and coaching