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Digital Currencies, Blockchain and IoT in FinTech is a Program

Digital Currencies, Blockchain and IoT in FinTech


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Full program description

Digital Currencies, Blockchain and IoT in FinTech

Course Overview

The blockchain is one of the core FinTech technologies - first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto, but it has evolved into something with vast reaching applications. Most people however, are still wondering What is Blockchain? 

Digital currencies started off with Bitcoin, and have seen more and more use-cases on a day to day basis. Countries around the globe have been debating on its legitimacy, and are still figuring out regulations to control it. 

Lastly, the Internet-of-Things has already permeated throughout our daily life. Find out what blockchain is, how digital currencies came about, and learn to leverage Blockchain enabled IoT devices, that are capable of value exchange instead of just data.

Who Should Attend

Aspiring PMEs whom are looking to enter the area of FinTech and wish to learn the basics of what FinTech is about

Course Duration

3 Hours

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants should be able to understand the following: 

  • Learn what is blockchain, and its history. 
  • Discuss various case studies where blockchain plays a role in transforming organisations
  • Learn about the history of digital currencies, and the major cryptocurrencies in the market.
  • Gain an understanding of how digital currencies are traded, and differences between wallets and exchanges. 
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of IoT in financial services. 
  • Explore the role of blockchain in finance through case studies in the Financial industry.


To ensure a holistic learning experience, participants must attend Global Impact of Digital Currencies, Blockchain and IoT prior to this programme.


Original Full Course Fee  Local Singaporean/PR  After UDS Funding
Local Singaporean/PR + Union Member Foreigners + Union Member
 $  275.00 $230.00 $20.00 $25.00

*UDS Funding Capped at $250 per member