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Global E-Commerce Insights and the Future of E-Commerce is a Program

Global E-Commerce Insights and the Future of E-Commerce


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Full program description

Global E-Commerce Insights and the Future of E-Commerce

Course Overview

Ongoing research and development over 20 years has enabled E-commerce to play a major role in B2B to B2C and even C2C marketing today. The massive volume of E-commerce transactions is made possible with well-developed logistics, payments and cloud infrastructure. More fundamentally is the growing pool of highly-skilled E-commerce workforce that continuously seek to improve the efficiency of E-commerce platforms, User-Interface and User-Experience to rapidly adapt to the changing market demands.

With digitalization of businesses, the distance between merchants and individuals becomes smaller than in traditional businesses. How can businesses embrace digitalization and reap its benefits? This would require a multi-pronged approach and the key factor to succeeding is the E-commerce talents within the organisations.

Singapore can rapidly transform to be the digital intelligence hub for the entire South East (SE) Asia region, becoming a point of reference for SE Asia countries and providing E-commerce business consultations.

The objective of the Digital E-commerce Masterclass Programme, brought to you by Alibaba Business School and NTUC LearningHub, is to cultivate digital E-commerce talents within Singapore and to make Singapore a South East Asias Digital Hub.

Who Should Attend

Adults who want to gain insights into E-commerce business and want to equip themselves with practical skills for their E-commerce start-ups. 

Course Duration

3 Days 

Course Outline

The huge shift in E-commerce growth towards Asia has created plenty of opportunities for all kinds of businesses. Through the use of the Internet, Singapore commerce and retail is becoming more flexible and efficient, enabling businesses to cater to the wide-ranging needs of different consumers. 

E-commerce is the new frontier for business today. Be it supply chain management, logistics operations, consumer transactions or marketing efforts, E-commerce is now taking over every aspect of business to adapt to online Internet features. 

How do established enterprises ensure that they do not lose their advantage in an E-commerce era? How can start-ups enter the market with new opportunities from new technology and culture? In this course, participants will learn how E-commerce came about in the past two decades, and what unchanged key principles remain in E-commerce businesses. Participants will also learn how to adapt their traditional businesses to embrace new opportunities brought by E-commerce, as well as how to begin an E-commerce business from scratch.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • How Business Work in E-commerce World
  • E-commerce Theory and Business Models
  • Market Analysis and Product Selection
  • Online Procurement source good products online
  • Build Effective E-commerce Support Team
  • E-commerce Brand Building

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Students who complete with minimum 100% attendance will receive Certificate of Attendance, jointly awarded by Alibaba Business School and NTUC LearningHub.

Course Objectives

To equip professionals with digital E-commerce skills and be enabled to run Online E-commerce Businesses effectively.




For Singaporeans & PRs

For Foreigners

$600.00 (before GST) / $642.00 (with GST)

$2,000.00 (before GST) / $2,140.00 (with GST)

Aug 6-8

Union members are able to claim UTAP funding of up to $250 per year.