Full program description

Digital Marketing & Sales in E-Commerce Business Environment

Course Overview

The course is conducted by IGS the first official Alibaba.com Global Service Partner for Singapore and Myanmar, and the technology partner and global service provider for AliCloud.

In this course, the participants will learn business theories and get hands-on training to use B2B eCommerce platform Alibaba.com.

To register your interest in this course, kindly write to pme@ntuclearninghub.com.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales Executives or Managers

  • Marketing Executives or Managers

  • Strategy Planners

  • Business Owners / Leaders / Managers of SMEs in Singapore who plan for company business transformation

  • Business Owners / Leaders / Managers of SMEs in Singapore who want to focus on online business models

  • Individuals who plan to start their own eCommerce business

Course Duration

4.5 Days / 36 Hours

Course Outline

Theme One: Organizational Strategy

  • Organizational Strategy & Management

    • Organizational strategy

    • Sales strategy plan

    • Marketing strategy plan

    • Marketing Mix (4P)

    • Business Model Canvas (BMC)

  • Business Environment

    • What is business environment

    • What is eCommerce

    • Why eCommerce

    • E-Commerce in China Singapore / South East Asia  

    • E-Commerce platform introduction

  • Customer Relationship Management

    • The definition of CRM

    • CRM system introduction

    • How to select CRM system for your company?

  • Protection & obligation

    • eCommerce related law

    • Customer Data Privacy Management

    • Code of Conduct for your industry and market

    • Trademark & Intellectual Property Protection in Singapore

Theme Two: Sales, Marketing & Communications

  • Sales & Sales Strategy planning

    • The functions of sales

    • 7P approaches to selling skills

    • 3 pieces of knowledge for professional sales persons

    • Business environment for sales: traditional offline, online, online+offline

  • Marketing & Marketing planning

    • Marketing definition, scope, core marketing concepts

    • The 4P - marketing mix 4P-Products

    • The 4P - marketing mix 4P-Price

    • The 4P - marketing mix 4P-Promotion

    • The 4P - marketing mix 4P-Place

  • Communications

    • Customer Communication Theory

    • Communication via traditional channels

    • Communication in "e-commerce" environment

  • Communication Channels

    • Social media

    • Marketing automation leads to CRM

    • Developing effective communications

    • Select communications channels

    • Marketing communication mix

    • SOSTAC  approaches

    • Managing integrated marketing communication processes

    • Manage different mass communication

Theme Three: Customers & Markets

  • Know your Customers

    • Customer - (in eCommerce Business Environment)

    • Knowing your customers (customer behaviour)

    • Customer Segmentation

    • Customer Hunting vs Customer Attracting

    • Customer Engagement (Handling/CRM/Contingency/Complaint handling)

    • Customer Retention (B-customers, C-customers)

    • Customer Loyalty

  • Understanding Your Markets

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Collect/Analyze customer/market information

    • Target markets, positioning, segmentation

    • Different Markets (B2B, B2C) - organizational buying & online buying behaviour & pattern

Theme Four: Products & Services

  • Products & Service Strategy

    • Definition of Products and Services

    • Product Life Cycle

    • Price Strategy & Set Up

    • Branding

  • Company Products and Services

    • What does your company sell?

    • Product & Services - differences in selling

    • Product Selection & Promotion

    • The silent salesman (importance of product packaging)

Course Objectives

This course aims at providing the participants with a practical knowledge and understanding on running a business in a real eCommerce business environment, especially focusing on sales and marketing planning, sales techniques and communication skills, understanding your customers and the markets; product and service strategy and selection, customer relationship management (CRM).

Four major themes will be:

  • Strategy Organization Environment

  • Sales, Marketing & Marketing Communications

  • Customers and Markets

  • Product Strategy & Selection, Company Branding


No credit or certification pre-requisites required to attend this course.  

Additional Note

For another opportunity to learn more on ecommerce, an "Alibaba dream trip" with a visit to Alibaba head office in China is available for interested participants.

The dream trip is jointly arranged and conducted by Alibaba and IGS Singapore. For more details, please click here.


Original Course Fee: $1,500 (before GST) / $1,605 (with GST)