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Digital Literacy For Real Estate Agents is a Program

Digital Literacy For Real Estate Agents


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Full program description

Digital Literacy For Real Estate Agents

Course Overview

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SkillsConnect Code: CRS-N-0044882

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever. Industries are increasingly being disrupted by companies that understand consumers needs, leveraging on the digital world - from Uber to AirBnB, to Netflix. Professionals and businesses with digital capabilities are becoming more productive, efficient and innovative.

To help real estate professionals meet the demands of an ever-changing economy and consumers expectations, this program will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge to be digitally literate.

Who Should Attend

This course will be relevant to anyone who wishes to learn the basics to Internet and digital tools essential for daily operations, communications and collaboration.

We recommend this course to real estate professionals who wishes to learn digital fundamental knowledge and skills, before proceeding to the Digital Marketing course.

Course Duration

2 Days / 14 hours

Course Outline

Setting The Stage

  • The digital landscape (digital adoption and usage) and where the consumer is today
  • Examples of the changing environments 
  • How digital is changing and will continue to change our life

Building Blocks

  • Getting around Browsers, Apps and Search Engines
  • Walk through of Google Search, Using Google Chrome, Setting up Google Alerts, Calendar. 
  • Using Google tools like Docs, Slides and Sheets. Using it on your smartphones 

Understanding the Cloud & Software as a service (SAAS)

  • Defining the Cloud
  • Products like Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.
  • How to use them in agent-collaborative environment to enhance productivity and backing-up

Digital Communication 

  • Using email
  • How to avoid email mistakes
  • A look at common email services like, YahooMail, Outlook, Gmail
  • Mastering Inbox, how to better organize messages use of filters, labels, signature, using Gmail
  • Organizing contacts 
  • Savings, sharing, and forwarding attachments
  • Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram & instant messengers 
  • Managing social media account and presence finding friends, sharing, uploading content, commenting

Digital Security and Privacy

  • What is identity theft, phishing?
  • Creating secure passwords. Introduction to 2FA and Google Authenticator, Captcha
  • Password habits where to store them
  • Collaboration Online
  • Working effectively together to solve problems
  • Use of products like Google Docs to draft documents / ideas together

Mobile Generation

  • Mobile Apps and Usage
  • Free vs In-app purchases
  • Mobile payments
  • Securing your mobile devices

Ethics in Digital

  • Common licenses online for videos, pictures and text 
  • Copyright. Respect of ownership
  • Sharing true articles VS fake news
  • Beware of scams 

Continuous Development E-learning for real estate agents to stay relevant 

  • Self-development through e-learning 
  • Review Udemy, Coursera and Lynda
  • Future of Work
  • Using your SkillsFuture Credit

Digital opportunities for real estate professionals 

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to communicate, research and collaborate digitally, whilst ensuring privacy and security
  • Build and improve online presence for personal branding by learning how to leverage on online platforms such as social media
  • Improve efficiency through discovering cloud based tools such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Alerts, Dropbox, Skype, Hangouts, etc.
  • Become more effective in your profession and at home, by being digitally savvy


Able to read and write in English and basic IT skills, including knowing how to use:

  • PC/laptop on Windows or Mac,
  • Mouse/trackpad skills,
  • Internet browser (Chrome/Safari/IE)
  • Basic email skills (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc)

Participants should also have a working account for each of the following: Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn. If they don't, they should register as part of the pre-workshop preparation. Participants must bring along their own laptop to attend this workshop.

Funding Information

SkillsFuture Credit

Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset course fees


S$480 per pax, before GST

Register now to enjoy 10% early bird discount until 9 March 2018! 


  • Individual Sponsored
    • Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset course fee payable after funding.