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Docker Fundamentals is a Program

Docker Fundamentals


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Full program description

Docker Fundamentals

Course Overview

This is THE introductory Docker course to give your team the best foundation for enterprise-grade Docker use-cases. The Docker Fundamentals training course features the foundational concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node. The course offers learners the opportunity to assimilate basic container orchestration and how to scale Docker across multiple nodes in a simple swarm cluster. This course provides essential foundational knowledge for subsequent Docker courses.

Who Should Attend

  IT professionals with an operations or system administration background desiring an intense and rapid onramp to Docker technologies.

  DevOps Professional, Solutions Architects, System Admin, Operational Support Staff.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Outline

Day 1

The Docker Story

Introduction to Images

Creating Images

System Commands


Day 2

Docker Networking Basics

Docker Compose

Scaling out with Swarm Mode and Kubernetes

Managing Secrets

Course Objectives

By the end of the course successful learners will be able to:

  • Understand the foundations of containerization on a single Docker node 
  • Create an image using Dockerfile best practices Use volumes in the application development process 
  • Apply concepts of the Docker networking model Understand the goal of services as a method of scaling containers 
  • Utilize two different orchestrators (Swarm and Kubernetes) to deploy a single application across multiple machines 
  • Create a secret and understand its accessibility capabilities


  Attendees should have basic Linux knowledge and should be comfortable working with command line interface in Linux

  It is good to have basic Docker knowledge

  Attendees should have an understanding of basic networking and filesystem concepts

  Attendees attending the Enterprise Edition Operations/Developer courses should have good understanding and prior experience of working with Docker, Swarm and/or Kubernetes. Otherwise, they are advised to attend the Docker Fundamental course

  This is a hands-on course where trainees will get the opportunity to complete the lab exercises


Course Title Full Course Fee
Before GST With GST
Docker Fundamentals $2,000.00 2,140.00