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Develop API is a Program

Develop API


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Full program description

Develop API

Course Overview

The topics listed below are aimed to be covered in 2 days, although the content covered will be adapted to the student level, to ensure the acquisition of knowledge. The program is modular to tailor learning requirements. There is a significant amount of potential new concepts to digest, and a certain learning curve; the aim is to ensure each step is understood before moving to the next one.

Who Should Attend

.Net C# developers with little or no experience of API development.

Course Duration

2 days

Course Outline

The course content goes straight to the point for building successful real-life projects. It comprises of Theory, Hands-on exercises, Quiz.


  Web API Basics

  Controllers, Actions and Rest

  Entity Framework Core (In Memory)

  Entity Framework Core (SQL Server Azure)



  Securing the API (Entity Framework Identity, Azure B2C, Identity Server)

  Working with Postman

  Deploy with Azure API App Service

  Deploy with AKS

  Azure API Management

Course Objectives

Build solid scalable enterprise APIs using C#, ASP.Net Core Web API, Entity Framework Core, Azure API Apps, Azure AKS and API Management. This course is aimed to.Net C# developers with little or no experience of API development.


Hardware / Software prerequisites (per student):

PC or Mac running Windows 10 or OSX 10.12+

Visual Studio installed

Student prerequisites:

Good knowledge of the .Net framework using C#, or equivalent Object-Oriented language (Java, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin)


Course Title Full Course Fee
Before GST With GST
Devlop API $1,200.00 $1,284.00