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Shift To Align 4.0 is a Program

Shift To Align 4.0


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Full program description

Shift To Align 4.0

Course Overview

In todays environment of increasing change and uncertainty, change has become inevitable. To stay competitive in the changing landscapes, organisations must be ready to embrace and drive organisation changes. One of the key factors identified to have a great impact on the results and outcomes of change is the level of engagement of employees and their readiness to adopt new ways of working.

With this course, participants will first understand the reason behind why it is necessary for the organisation to engage in change. They will be able to better visualise the change process and their roles within. With that, they will be equipped with the right mindset to better support the implementation of changes as well as monitoring the effectiveness. They will be the foundation of a successful change process. 

Course Duration

8 hours / Full-time  

Course Outline

Part 1: Getting ready for change

  • Internal and external environment that can lead to change in the organisation
  • Relevant stakeholders in the change process
  • Current organisational practices with regard to change

 Part 2: Support Implementation of Change

  • Roles in change management programmes and initiatives
  • Importance of pro-active involvement by participation in change management programmes
  • Behavioural impact of change process
  • Types of changes to work practices within own scope of work
  • Identify opportunities for change to improve work processes
  • Support the implementation of change in the organisation

Part 3: Monitor Change Effectiveness

  • Scope of individual discretion and freedom to feedback with regard to change
  • Ways in which improvements and changes can be suggested
  • Support the monitoring of effectiveness of change management programmes and initiatives

Mode of Assessment

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to :

  • Understand the reason why organisations need to engage in change
  • Visualise the change process and their roles within
  • Equipped with the right mindset to better support change
  • Monitor effectiveness of change

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

  • English
  • Trainer : Trainee Ratio is 1:20



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