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Fundamentals Web Design and Development using WordPress is a Program

Fundamentals Web Design and Development using WordPress


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Full program description

Fundamentals Web Design and Development using WordPress

Course Overview

This course teaches Web Design principles and key elements needed for creating an engaging website. It also takes the Learner through the simple technicalities needed to develop and maintain a website. 

This course equips participants with skills required to design, develop and maintain a website for their business or personal online presence. At a broad level, course topics cover  

  • Basics Best Practices of Website Design
  • Enhancing User Experience & Design for Conversions
  • Website Development using WordPress CMS
  • Maintenance and tracking Website visitorship

 Each topic unit is accompanied with activities to enable Learners to practice, retain and recall the learning.

Who Should Attend

  • Marketers, Sales professionals wanting to use their companys Online Presence to drive sales and generate leads
  • Business Owners who want to establish a commendable Web Presence for their Business
  • Entrepreneurs venturing into Online Business or wanting to leverage Internet Marketing in order to acquire customer
  • Young Graduates, Working Adults who would want to pursue a career in Web Design/Development and Digital Marketing

Course Duration

1 Days / 7 Hours

Course Outline


  • Key Elements of Website Design
  • Design Hacks Icon Sets, Font Pairing, Color Schemes, Design Templates (themes), etc
  • Role of Content & your Target Audience
  • Designing Vital Pages of the Website


  • Sales Funnel
  • Structure and Information Architecture
  • Website Discoverability
  • User Experience & Conversion Centric Design


  • Pre-Development Tasks
  • Development Tools & Technology
  • WordPress CMS
  • Extending Website Functionality


  • Website Security & Housekeeping
  • Software & Content updates
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Google Tools: Analytics & Search Console

Course Objectives

  • Learn key elements for creating a Web Presence that helps increase Sales and Branding
  • Apply best practices for a good website design and user experience
  • Develop a simple website using WordPress CMS
  • Interpret technicalities, choose platform to setup and manage a Website


  • Knowledge on using Computer and Internet

Funding Information



 Original course fee

 $270 (with GST)

 After funding for NTUC Union Member

 $20 (with GST)

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