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Microsoft Excel Macros is a Program

Microsoft Excel Macros


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Full program description

Microsoft Excel Macros

What's In It For Me

  • Learn the functions and limitations of Macro
  • Be able to record various types of Macros

Course Overview

NTUC LearningHub Course Code: MSEMAC

Who Should Attend

  • Participants who would like to know what is Recording Macros and how it can help in their daily work with minimum programming skills
  • Participants who would like to know what is Visual Basic Application in Microsoft Excel

Course Duration

1 Day / 7 Hours

Course Outline

  Working with Macros

o  What is a macro?

o  Limitations/drawbacks

o  Using macros

o  Where a macro is stored

o  Recording a macro

o  Running a macro

o  Assigning a macro to a toolbar button

o  Assigning a macro to a keyboard combination

o  Assigning a macro to a menu

o  Assigning the macro before the macro is recorded

o  Assigning a worksheet button to your macro

  Opening the visual basic editor window

o  The code window

o The project explorer

o  The properties window

o  Inserting a new module

o  Statements

o  Sub, end sub statements

o  Data types

o  Variables and constants

o  Declaring variables

o  Assigning variables

o  User interaction

  Using Excel Objects

o  The Application Object

o  The Workbook Objects

o  Program Testing With the Editor

o  Using Workbook Objects

o  The Worksheets Object

o  Using the Worksheets Object

o  The Range Object

o  Using Range Objects

o  Using Objects in a Procedure

  Functions in VBA

o  Understanding Functions

o  Creating User-Defined Functions

o  Using a User-Defined Function in a

o  Worksheet

o  Setting Function Data Types

o  Using Multiple Arguments

o  Modifying a User-Defined Function

o  Creating a Function Library

o  Referencing a Function Library

o  Importing a VBA Module

o  Using a Function in VBA Code

Course Objectives

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Tell what is Macro and the limitation of Macro
  • Record various types of Macros
  • Know what is VBA in Microsoft Excel
  • Add user interaction with Macro using Message Box


  • Simple typing using the keyboard
  • Navigating using the mouse
  • Managing files and creating folders
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2013


  Before GSTW/ GST 
 Course fee$186.92